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Plasterboard and water!

Electric work has been done!

Goodbye, Bulby!

The time has come for our LEAF to go back.

The GFV was £15,000. You can get the same model and same age for half of that, so, unfortunately it is not a sensible choice to keep it.
Over our 2 year ownership, it has consumed 4353kWh. At our unit rate (9p per kW), this works out to:

  • £391.77 total cost for just under 24,000 miles!
  • 1.6p per mile!

This doesn’t include any charging away from home, but we only ever used free charging points.
We would definitely have another LEAF, they are simply amazing!


Underfloor heating!

More extension related things!

With the concrete lorry off of the driveway, more jobs could be completed.


Such as, putting in the flashing, the guttering, the uPVC boards, wood for the inside of the car port, and cementing in the drainage:

The fire-rated door inbetween the garage and the utility room has been started, as well as the waste for the sinks and washing machines:

The doorway into the kitchen has been moved a foot so that we can fit the new kitchen in:



img_20170224_154251using it might be a little bit diffcult!

Guttering and doors

We have guttering, doors, windows and other PVC bits!

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