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Downstairs windows and doors

As we are ripping out most of the downstairs (we didn’t mean to, one thing lead to another), we thought we might as well get the exterior doors and windows replaced at the same time – any damage to the walls can be fixed a lot easier if the room isn’t ‘finished’.

The new bay windows. These are thicker double glazing, with extra layers of lamination to keep the road noise from intruding into the lounge. They are a little bit low, so they are also reinforced.

The new kitchen window is tinted. The evenings in the summer have direct sunlight, it gets far too hot! It’s an inwards tilt and turn, so no difficulties reaching over the worktops to open or close the window.

The patio door has been replaced with a 2 section opening bi-folding door. Like the glass in the kitchen window, it’s tinted triple glazed. It has a low profile design, do should minimise step height between the future patio and the inside. It really opens up the space we have.

The front door has also been replaced!


Due to the age of our house, we don’t have lintels above our exterior windows and doors. We needed to get these done before we could have new windows installed.

We opted to get rid of the soldiers (upright brickwork) and have it match the rest of the house. Installing the lintels meant that we have a slightly larger opening than we did before, hence the expanding foam!

You can see the height difference between where the soldiers are, and where the interior lintel has been placed. This is how much taller our opening now is.
No, it’s not being held up with the planks!
With the supports in place
Supports removed, brickwork complete!

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