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water leak


After nearly two months with very limited / no water towards the end, we are finally connected again!

Our water company came around, their job only took about an hour or so:


They couldn’t actually find our water pipe (glad it wasn’t just us), so ran a new line from further down. Including a new box and meter. This means that we now have a larger bore pipe from the water main into our house. We have noticed an increased flow, but the same pressure we were used to.

It’s another team that finish the installation – the driveway is a bit tight to access at the moment!

We temporarily connected everything back up at home. The adaptor was not too easy to find, and we had a 30 mile round trip to get our hands on one! Poly pipe, as it turns out, is difficult to buy in short lengths. So, we have 24m left over, if anyone’s interested! We had to do a bit of a loop to get around the flexibility issue, as you can see below. It’s not long term, so it’ll be fine for now:


We never thought we would be so excited over water!


Sheeting is important

With all of the dust lately, sheeting things up is a must. I think you can tell where we did vs where we didn’t:


Water pipe compete – but dry

Hole all filled back in in the lounge!

Underneath the kitchen wall:

And here is the other end. Much bigger than our old 1/2″ pipe. Just tacked down with cement to hold it in place to (hopefully) where the sink should end up. It does mean we have a bit more with to do on the insulation installation.

Now we just need to get the meter hooked back up. Fingers crossed that it happens soon.

Trenches everywhere!

Well, it turns out the pipes in the previous post are our gas and electric. The water is still nowhere to be found. But that’s a problem for another day. In the long run, it works out better for us, as we can put the new, larger pipe all the way to the meter, instead of attaching it to the existing, smaller pipe. Hopefully, this will translate into better flow.

This is the current situation. Awaiting the final connection.

The trench goes right under the house, and into the lounge.

From there, it goes through another trench through the edge of our lounge, and straight into the kitchen.

The pipe is encased in a sleeve, to make future replacement easier.

By the end of the day, no more trench! Well, at least not on the outside!

You never can fit all of the soil back into a hole once dug – maybe next time we should dig deeper, to fit more in…

Now there are two of them…

Where is the water pipe?


Here it is!


Which one is the gas, and which one is the water? We think they are both water, as it was replaced long before we lived here.

Let’s find out…

Water leak – The Moat

Unlike some, we are lucky enough to enjoy a moat with our property:

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-07 at 18.41.38
The new water pipe is going straight from the meter to the living room floor!
Luckily, we still have the scaffolding planks to cross the gap.

Water leak – preparation

It’s a straight shot from the water meter to the stop cock in our house. But, as it’s a new line going in, we have the opportunity to change things for the better.

We don’t want to disturb the porch, as it’s just been (nearly) finished. We’d rather the new garage floor not be taken up (besides, we don’t know where the electricity and gas are, other than under the garage somewhere), so the best solution is to trench out the driveway, and take the new pipe through the lounge!

We have covered the furniture, and the kitchen things that were occupying the rest of the lounge.

Frustrating (and expensive) as it is, the upgrade from the leaky half inch pipe, to a 32mm one, should mean that we get a much better flow, as the diameter of the pipe is nearly three times the size.

The entry point of the pipe into the kitchen is where we were going to running pipes anyway for the plumbed in fridge anyway, so there isn’t really a change there. It means the stop-cock will be more accessible then it’s previous location of behind a kitchen unit. Another upside is that we no longer have to cut holes in the back of our new kitchen units!

We’ve sprung a leak!

It might not look like much, but this leak is getting through our new floor in the utility! That’s a lot of choice concrete, piping, and insulation. Not good.

The meter was doing about a revolution every 10 seconds. A week on, it’s every 3 seconds!

There isn’t enough to even make it to the bathroom taps any long. At least Thames Water will get it fixed in only 6 weeks… I’m sure we can fix it before then.

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