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Porch update

(Don’t mention the doors, they are a job for another day!)

We finally got our porch together after completing (completing is a strong word…) the extension. The floor was primed, low spots leveled, primed, tiled, painted, skirting board attached – the whole works! Even accessorised.

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Garage wall painting – before & after

Garage sealed

Walls and floor cleaned and sealed, ready for painting!

Porch painting & light

Ceiling painted, and new light put up. We decided to go with a mains powered, rather than a battery powered light this time. The batteries on our previous light lasted for about 6 months – which is much better than we had expected.


We opted for a PIR rather than a microwave sensor, as a PIR sensor doesn’t typically penetrate glass, which means it will only turn the light on if either of the doors in the porch is opened.


Tidying up the side of the garage

Now with next-doors extension complete, we can tidy up inbetween the two houses.

The process was easy: level the ground, lay the membrane, sprinkle with some nice stones.

This makes a handy area to store large, weather-resistant items.

Plastering and outside sockets


Now to wait for it to dry!

Plasterboard and water!

Electric work has been done!

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