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Another Google Home!


During Black Friday, the Google Home Mini was going cheap if you bought 2. So, we thought it’d be a neat idea to fit one into the bathroom. It actually works really nicely mounted on the ceiling.

The 2nd mini was placed in the bedroom – all three can work together when playing music, which fills the house with sound more evenly than just one at a higher volume.

Finished bathroom pics

Bathroom was finished a while ago, time we put up some pictures of the finished product! (doors are being done all together, so ignore that for now!)

What we started with:

What we have now:

Towel radiator, kick plate and skirting board!

Sports Camera

Another bathroom update

Now with extractor fan (our 1960’s soffit was a pain to drill through – took 2 hours to get through it!), lights, and mirror!

The extractor fan is really quiet and is controlled with a humidistat – that means it only comes on when it is too humid – no more fans running at night time!

Bathroom update

Today was mostly spent completing the lighting in the bathroom.  A nice, screwless faceplate. It is exactly far enough from anything wet to avoid having an ugly pullcord:

Putting huge holes in a freshly plastered ceiling is always a bit nerve-wracking – but it worked well:



Our wall has had massive holes in it for over a week! Now fixed:



Pretty big holes to fill though!

Bathroom update

All of the cabinets are in place now, and most of the big furniture is in!

The windowsill has been levelled off, ready for tiling:

Sports Camera

The cabinets and furniture are in and functional:

And the bath overflow filler is all working!

Sports Camera

Where is the toilet roll holder you ask? Tucked away, of course:


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