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Second time playing Mount Your Friends

We had another go. Some of us got better (although most of us didn’t)!



We play Evolve

Been on the list for a while now, it was on sale during our last LAN session, so we grabbed a copy. Here is part of our first (awful!) play-though:


L4D2 – Rooftop

Someone always gets Charger’ed off of the roof – it wasn’t me this time!

Board game shelving

Whilst a great hobby, table top games do begin to take up a lot of space! We had the perfect cubbyhole for them in our living room, just behind the door. No standard shelving would fit, so we simply made our own. We haven’t decorated the living room yet, so it is a temporary measure until we (finally) get around to the downstairs!

We had most of the tools that we needed already, but we bought a plumb bob┬áto ensure that all of the brackets lined up perfectly. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the chance to use the new SDS drill!

January 2016 – LAN

To kick off the New Year, we had a quick LAN session. Mostly played some L4D2 and Evolve – which was a new one on us.

Here are the L4D2 highlights, more to follow:


So, we have recently decided that as we game regularly – both table top and LAN, that we should document this on our blog. So… here is the intro that took us literally seconds to make:

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