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We ticked off “see the Northern Lights” off of our bucket list!


Easter adventure – Southerndown

Go Below Ultimate Extreme

We went to Go Below in Snowdonia. Due to car problems, we couldn’t take the caravan, so used AirBnB for the first time after hearing lots of good things from people. We found a cottage overlooking Snowdon in Bethesda, down what was quite possibly the tightest road we’ve ever seen!

The cottage was lovely, and we had the whole thing to ourselves – so nice and quiet.

GoBelow, as it turns out has 2 different bases – we had the directions to the wrong one! A quick satnav change and we were back on track:

Nearly bottled it on the free fall, but it was well worth it! The trip was amazing, learning about the mine was amazing. I’m sure the aching will stop soon!
In the evening, we headed to Bangor, where you can see three sets of fireworks from around the bay one after another on the pier.

Europe trip – day 8 – day trip to Zurich

We were looking for some free things to do in our area, we heard that he botanical gardens were a must see, so that’s where we went. The grounds were really well kept, the Lilly pads impressed us as we had never seen them that huge before. And dragonflies, dragonflies everywhere!

We checked out the old town, it runs parallel to one of the most expensive shopping streets in Europe. The weather was outstanding, but the strangest thing was people were just jumping in and swimming in the river that runs through the centre – imagine doing that in the Thames!

Europe trip – day 7 – Interlaken to Zurich

Time to leave Interlaken. Today we head to a campsite near Zurich. We knew that we wanted to spend some time in the capital, but also wanted to visit Alpamare, more on that later.

Rather than having really long drives on holiday, we found a campsite that was no more than a half hour drive from everything that we wanted to visit. This worked really well for us (as our caravan battery was shot, it was charging to time for our devices), as it gave us the peace and quiet at our caravan that we wanted to relax in, but everything we wanted to do was only a short distance away.

Europe trip – day 6 – Swiss national day

We decided to hang around our campsite for an extra day so that we could enjoy Swiss national day.

We started off in Riggenberg, a small village that the campsite was located in. There was a small village fayre there with all kinds of different things. Luckily for us, the busses were still running, which saved us a walk uphill!

After we were done there, we headed into Interlaken. There was a full day of activities, as well as the usual paragliders landing in the centre. The parades through the town were fun, although nothing compares to the fireworks – not only was it one of the best fireworks shows we have ever seen, having them in the valley of the mountains made the noise phenomenal!

Europe trip – day 4 – trip to Oeschinensee

We took a trip to the lake at Oeschinensee, this year we took a ride on the toboggan run too!

The weather was amazing, and we were outstanded yet again by how clear the water was:

Europe trip – day 3

We made it from our stopover in France to our next stop in Switzerland – a small campsite called Talacker near Interlaken:

Out of battery

So, as we said earlier the caravan battery is shot. We keep a solar trickle charger in the Kia, just in case we are parked up for a long time, we threw this on the roof to try and get a little charge in the caravan’s leisure battery:

It was easy enough to do, just poke your head through the skylight and you are good to go. It’s only a small panel, about 2.4w! That’s barely 0.2 amps, on a good day that means only 1.6 amps back into the ruined battery, the pumps alone are 1-3 amps. Towing the caravan from site to site helps, but it only gives us enough back in the battery for another half a day (short distances between sites). So, we needed some way of moving electricity:

We hooked up the jumpstart box from the Kia to the battery, the box is in a permanent state of “jumping” the caravan battery (although the caravan battery is so bad, I suspect we are running just from the jumpstart box). It has a tiny 17aH battery in it.
So, currently we are taking that out of the caravan and charging it up in the car whenever we go on a day trip, and then putting it back in then caravan upon return. We are still running at a deficit, but it enough to get us by for now!

To further save our electricity usage, we are switching to just the external water tank, as then we aren’t wasting electricity by bringing it on board when parked on a site. Obviously, we will need to run on the internal tank exclusively when we are back on the road.

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