Some of these updates might be a little bit out of order. We were narrowly focusing on completing the job, so if you spot something that looks finished that we haven’t mentioned, then we are probably going to post about it soon.

Our first ‘meal’ in the new oven – nachos!


The extractor fan which we picked out vents to the outside of the building. It has a larger than normal diameter of hose (150mm vs 100mm) – we could have used an adapter, but thought that it might increase noise and reduce performance. We don’t really have any use for a 150mm core drill, so we hired one:


It’s almost bigger than the drill! Unlike regular masonry drilling, you don’t use the hammer action with a core drill. The hole took over an hour to drill – it was right between the joists, and access was exceptionally tight, especially up the ladder!

This was all done before the plastering work took place – we never would have managed it otherwise! We had to move one of the waste pipes from the bathroom out of the way for clearance, but it fitted back again (not pictured). The cover has a fine mesh inside to prevent insects from getting in.


The next part was hard. We had fixed some pieces of wood to the ceiling joists near the beginning of the project, but there were no reference points, we just had to make an educated guess as to where they were going to go – not helped by the fact that we weren’t allowed to have the extractor fan delivered before the rest of the kitchen.

Here is the frame, which we’ve put in the room directly upstairs of the kitchen to make sure that it lines up with the bracing. It’s close. Not too bad for a guess at all! We attached another piece to one of the sides to give us something to attach the frame to through the ceiling. The unit just uses a standard 3-pin plug.norIt wasn’t helped by the fact that this space was occupied by the wardrobe in the bedroom! The build was tiring, I was recovering from being ill:


Did I mention I was tired?

Again, no easy reference points to ensure that it was going to be square. We ended up doing it by eye! The work scaffolding platform was really handy for this.


The lower section was easy enough. We could use spirit levels to make sure that it was level. The entire unit is height adjustable, so we made another educated guess!


We put the ducting in. It simply clips with big Jubilee clamps, we also added some foil tape to ensure that it has the best seal possible. There was a slight problem, the hose wasn’t flexible enough to make the corner under the floorboards, so we added in a 90 degree elbow. We need to come back to this at a later stage and add in a backdraught flap – so it’ll be in pieces again soon!

And here is the completed extractor fan – prior to it’s first clean. We think it looks level and square. And yes, the glass section is going to be a pain to clean!