Once the other units were placed, getting the tall unit for the oven fitted was a little bit easier. On the sides, were some finishing pieces: first, a cut was made at the bottom to make is square to the floor and walls; then the top was cut. It was slightly too deep, but rather than risk another cut, it was decided to move the tall cabinet out slightly with some packing pieces.


And here it is with the ovens fitted! It is not quite complete, we received the wrong colour decorative pieces which fill the gaps in-between the ovens. These simply stick into place, so fitting them at a later date should be easy enough (Update: 2019 – turns out they don’t make ones in the correct colour!)


The top oven is a microwave convection oven grill. It can do all the normal things an oven can do – it can even use the microwave and oven at the same time to reduce cooking time. Another nice feature is that it can automatically cook food – tell it what you’ve put inside, press “pizza”, and walk away!

The bottom oven has the automatic cooking too, it also has a meat thermometer for more accurate roasts! It can also be remote controlled via our phones (OK, you still have to put the food in at some point, but it’s useful for pre-heating) – on, off, or any of the cooking modes. Going a step further, it also integrates with our Google Home voice assistant, so we can operate it by speaking to it. Nest also integrates with it, so, should a fire be detected, the ovens (as well as the boiler) will be shut off.  The integration does open up some interesting possibilities – currently, the lights are set to quickly blink once the food has finished cooking – time will tell if it is going to be a blessing or a curse!