chris digger

The first layer of concrete (the screed) was easy to remove. The layer underneath that… not so much. The rebar made it even worse. It took an huge effort on everyone’s part to remove:

steph demolition

We had the breaker going, grinders going, the excavator going. And endless, ENDLESS wheelbarrows full of whatever we dug up.

We started day 2 looking like this:


Still aching from yesterday, but we pressed on! We finished the day looking like this:


Big smiles on our faces, now that it is done. The above picture doesn’t really show just how much work went into this project. We removed about 18 cubic meters from the floor – that’s going 300mm (12″) deep. If you’re not sure how much material that is….


…it’s about this much!

Enjoy the timelapse of day 2:

It was a lot of hard work, but hiring equipment is always fun. You get a sense of accomplishment of doing things yourself, we have a lot of new skills that we can take away from this project, and use in future work.

Again, we couldn’t have done this without our friends and family helping us out along the way, so, a big thank-you to all of them.

Now to fill it all back in!