There were a few things that we needed to do before we could knock the wall down in between the kitchen and dining room (it’s not a supporting wall, don’t worry!).

First, we had to take the radiator off of the wall. We hadn’t done much plumbing before, and had never used a pipe freezing kit. We enjoy learning new skills, and try to put the time into learning them correctly – so, after we had brushed up a little bit on YouTube, we froze our heating pipes (first pic), then cut and capped the heating pipes that would go to that radiator.

Taking the radiator off of the wall was easy (look at that original wallpaper!). We turned off the valve at either end, cut the pipes, and simply lifted off of the wall. The rest of the pipework was all mounted to the wall (rather than buried within it), so was easy to remove.


The only other piece of preparation work was to seal the door between the dining room and the lounge – you can see this in the picture above. We taped around the door, fitted a thick plastic sheet, and then taped around that. Hopefully, that should keep the dust to a minimum!

Then it was time to get stripping: