Some various things we installed into Issy when going to clean it recently.

We don’t store the battery with the caravan – in order to keep it in good condition, it needs to stay out of the cold and plugged into an optimser. At the end of the battery leads, the caravan had clamps to attach it to the battery – these were OK, but fiddly and slow to use. These new clamps simply lift on and off, whilst maintaining a secure connection:

We are lucky to have a motor mover with our caravan. It allows us to site it perfectly each time – with no reversing! The remote control is awful for interference, meaning the caravan will suddenly come to a stop mid-maneuver. PowrTouch charge over £40 for a cable to provide you with a wired control – it’s only a 3.5mm jack cable (headphone lead!). We definitely did not pay £40 for this cable, and it work perfectly!


A lot of the time when we are making or breaking camp, it is dark.These weatherproof LED lights are powered by 4xAA batteries, and have a PIR sensor to turn on and off automatically. The simply stick on with a foam pad: