We went to Go Below in Snowdonia. Due to car problems, we couldn’t take the caravan, so used AirBnB for the first time after hearing lots of good things from people. We found a cottage overlooking Snowdon in Bethesda, down what was quite possibly the tightest road we’ve ever seen!

The cottage was lovely, and we had the whole thing to ourselves – so nice and quiet.

GoBelow, as it turns out has 2 different bases – we had the directions to the wrong one! A quick satnav change and we were back on track:

Nearly bottled it on the free fall, but it was well worth it! The trip was amazing, learning about the mine was amazing. I’m sure the aching will stop soon!
In the evening, we headed to Bangor, where you can see three sets of fireworks from around the bay one after another on the pier.