Much of our house is still original from the 1960’s. As a result, not everything is very well sealed. It is an ongoing job, but the front door was as good a place as any to get started.

We have an inner letterbox, we decided to keep it rather than seal it up completely, so we installed a simple brush plate over the top:



The door was the next focus. The gaps around the door could be seen from space! It had previously had some foam tape:

But it had perished, and not up to the size of gaps we had. One of the things that our newer windows have over their older counterparts is their memory-foam-esque sealing. As it turns out, our local DIY shop stocked such a product:download




Installing this was super easy. The nails were a bit close to the metal edging (or my hammer was too big), so an improvised nail hitter out of a bit holder did the job:


To finish off, a brush was added to the bottom of the door:



The best part? The door no longer rattles when a bus is sitting outside!