Now this is the second time I (Steph) have written this blog post. The first time I managed to completely overwrite it with the post about the back garden so hopefully this time I wont make the same mistake.

After having the driveway cleared of grass and semi paved we thought we had better do something with the borders which we decided to keep. Now eventually we would like these to be raised beds with plants and decorative features but until we have the time/money to do that, we wanted to have a somewhat more presentable front view.


From this picture you get an impression of what we wanted to achieve. We wanted rid of all the green here, apart from a few select plants. This includes trying to remove more large bushes and their root systems!


We started from the left and worked our way around. As well as removing the larger bushes we have removed all the smaller plants. To do this we used a combination of a few tools. First we strimmed the areas with our battery powered strimmer, then (after much research on the right tool for the job) we used our new Dutch hoe to remove the plants just on top of the soil. Combined with our sprung rake to collect all the cuttings, the tools made light and quick work of the clearing. Soon, we had it looking like this: IMG_20160529_173404.jpg

All that remains is a few roses along the front wall, a gorgeous lavender in the corner and a handy rosemary bush in the far right corner.

To further avoid the reappearance of weeds and the plants that were there before,w e also decided to cover the beds with mulch. Again, much research went into finding the best solution of what kind of mulch but eventually we went for medium sized wood chipping. It did take a lot more bags than we expected but they always seem to be included in some sort of multi-buy deal!


Much better! 🙂