One of our projects for this summer holiday was the get the back garden in order. Over the 18 months of us owning the house we have tried to keep on top of it but aparently not with enough vigour and as such, it was looking somewhat…bedraggled. The trees and bushes were encroaching on the grass and making the whole garden (which is actually a very reasonable size) look much smaller.

We mostly focused on the left hand side where the flower beds were full of weeds and unwanted plants and the trees and bushes were far too big.

First we re-discovered the dry wall that separates the two parts of the garden:

IMG_20160807_150722   IMG_20160807_184756

Then we worked our way around the corner:

IMG_20160808_180921   IMG_20160808_202258

Now, those first two sections took us an hour each.

Yesterday however, we decided to get a little more serious!

This is how we began the morning…

Sports Camera   Sports Camera

We had three pairs of hands today. Chris ‘pruning’ (more like hacking) the trees and bushes back as much as we dared, Chris’s Mum pulling up weeds and generally being an expert eye so we didn’t kill anything and me on the shredder…for hours! We had piles like this everywhere!

Sports Camera

We uncovered trees that we didn’t even realise existed, found weird and wonderful plants of all sorts and even re-discovered the rockery. We also filled the trailer with mulch!

Sports Camera

It looks awfully barren now but we hope that the bushes will start filling in again, but in the right places, soon. Here is the current look:

Sports Camera   Sports Camera