So, as we said earlier the caravan battery is shot. We keep a solar trickle charger in the Kia, just in case we are parked up for a long time, we threw this on the roof to try and get a little charge in the caravan’s leisure battery:

It was easy enough to do, just poke your head through the skylight and you are good to go. It’s only a small panel, about 2.4w! That’s barely 0.2 amps, on a good day that means only 1.6 amps back into the ruined battery, the pumps alone are 1-3 amps. Towing the caravan from site to site helps, but it only gives us enough back in the battery for another half a day (short distances between sites). So, we needed some way of moving electricity:

We hooked up the jumpstart box from the Kia to the battery, the box is in a permanent state of “jumping” the caravan battery (although the caravan battery is so bad, I suspect we are running just from the jumpstart box). It has a tiny 17aH battery in it.
So, currently we are taking that out of the caravan and charging it up in the car whenever we go on a day trip, and then putting it back in then caravan upon return. We are still running at a deficit, but it enough to get us by for now!

To further save our electricity usage, we are switching to just the external water tank, as then we aren’t wasting electricity by bringing it on board when parked on a site. Obviously, we will need to run on the internal tank exclusively when we are back on the road.