Two of the original outlets decided to break within moments of one another, thankfully, this happened whilst we were still at home which made repairing it a little bit easier than whilst away!

The original push-fit connections are gone, as they started to leak with the new outlet, jubilee clips are now holding it firmly in place. I think the ceramic cartridges had broken (happens if you don’t drain the caravan down in the winter) by the previous owner – they are only just cheaper than replacing the outlet, so we opted to just replace the outlets, they are nicer to use, and provide a nicer flow than the older units.

After the second float switch decided to break, I thought that the pump might have a high start up current which I couldn’t detect with my DMM. So, I decided to put a relay in line with another new float switch:IMG_20160717_153802

It was easy enough to install, it seems to be working well – it gives a satisfying ‘click’ to let you know everything is OK!