Finding a place for all of the cushion bits is hard, they just about fit in the bathroom:


Have to be a little careful with the weight, so decided to weigh all of the parts:

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My hammer clearly in view, it is my most used tool!

Part of the design allows us to take in water from the external tank, fill up from mains, or just run from mains. Cutting a hole this size in the caravan was worrying!

The aluminium sheeting was surprisingly thin, no wonder it dents so easily. The connector is installed in the front locker, it keeps it secure and removes the need to do a lot of waterproofing.


Decided to put the water filter just before the kitchen cold supply, as this would be the only water that we would drink, in theory it would prolong the life of the filter.


Although as it turns out, the pump hasn’t got enough grunt to be able to push the water through it this far away, so I’m going to have to move it next to the pump instead.

There was only one small obstruction, part of the blown air heating system – this was easily moved:

To complete the plumbing, a system of valves needed to be put in, these would allow us to:

  • Run from the internal tank
  • Run from the external tank
  • Run from mains water (the inlet has a pressure limiter to avoid damage to the internal systems)
  • Fill the internal tank from mains
  • Fill the internal tank from the external tank
  • Use the mains water inlet as an outlet to hose things down.
  • Any other combination of the above which I may have missed out!

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Whilst it may look complicated, it is fairly simple. The original pump in the caravan was operated via microswitches in each of the fittings, however, it now operates using a pressure switch, it is on the whole a much easier to manage system – the only downside being that it does need some adjustment.

All in all, it used 10 metres of semi-rigid pipe and 1 metre of flexi pipe. I thought I had overbought, but it turns out it was spot on.