Don’t get me wrong, our back garden is gorgeous. We have a huge amount of space, mature plants, bushes and trees and even a green house and shed. In our amateur gardeners hands, the garden has become more and more like a jungle since we moved in and what little work we do seems to make little impact. Therefore, we are getting more drastic! It is time to tame the bushes that encroaching further and further into the space.

I started with the back section of the garden, where the greenhouse and shed are. There are paths and stepping stones here that are being eaten by grass and bushes far to big for their own boots!


This first picture was taken after i had already hacked down a tree that had sprouted up between the shed and greenhouse. You can just see its remains at the bottom of the picture. 20160702_133659

6 hours and 1 green bin full of shredded bushes and trees later, I had made…a slight bit of difference…maybe…kind of….

A newly laid path in front of the shed:


A rediscovered flower bed beside the greenhouse:


And a bush with a quite severe haircut:


Underneath the bush it seems there are actually scalloped flower beds…who knew!


This is only the start of a very long journey but I was proud of the little dent I made in the process that day.