After purchasing a new caravan recently (pics to come soon!), We needed to secure it.

When we moved into the house and sold Lexi, the locks went with it.

Unfortunately, the new caravan didn’t come with any. That being said, it was a good opportunity to do some research! We needed something that met all of the security requirements (That chan, sold Secure, etc…), but also things that were easy to use. The locks we used for Lexi were a bit of a pain, but where it didn’t move too often, we didn’t mind. The locks we need for Issy (new ‘van) had to be quick and easy to put on and take off, otherwise it quickly turns our relaxing holiday time into a stressful one!

After having tried some out at various shows in the past, and on our other ‘van (Rappy and Lexi), we decided to use security products from Purpleline. They are well made, brightly coloured, have all the relevant security markings, you can have new keys made should the originals be lost – the list goes on.

We already have a stabiliser leg lock to prevent the legs being raised of lowered, which means the entire stabiliser assembly will have to be removed in order to hitch up (pics to follow).

We decided on the Saracen Gullwing for the hitch lock. It can be used whilst disconnected or while still hitched to the towing vehicle, which makes it perfect for service station stops:


For the wheel clamp, we opted for the Nemesis Ultra. You replace a wheel bolt with the receiver and simple slide the lock it. It prevents the wheels from turning and covers the wheel nuts so the wheel itself can’t be removed:


Both of these locks mean that we get a reduction in the insurance premium too, so they should pay for themselves in no time. The total time for fitting or removing is about 30 seconds total, so no more bulky, awkward locks!