Today we made more mess… a lot more mess. We had to put the trunking into the walls for the mirror (which we have yet to decide on) and another piece for the lightswitch – as long as it is 0.6m away from anything wet, then you can avoid having a nasty pullcord.

Cutting the hold was easy – angle grinder to the top either side of where the trunking was going to go. The SDS drill with the chisel bit made easy work of everything inside of the two lines. The cable dropped down neatly at the top, and the metal trunking sits nicely on top.

No in-between pictures unfortunately – it was too dusty to see!

We used a plumb-bob to mark the walls, and then a long spirit level to get the channel as straight as we could. The metal trunking was chosen as it would be easy to find one day in the distant future – stud finders work great on metal trunking, less well on plastic trunking.