We left the bathroom with many of the tiles removed from the side wall, but still needed to strip the rest out. Time to get our tools on:

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Our stopcock is annoyingly behind everything (moving it is a job for another day), so, out comes the dishwasher and washing machine:

After turning off the water, we had to take disconnect, cut and cap all pipes going to the bathroom. When the boiler was installed, we used some PVC pipe to speed up the job, it was coming out again soon anyway:

Despite it’s age, the woodwork was fairly solid. Well, the parts that weren’t rotten through that is:

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It started to get a bit dusty

The partition wall was fairly well made, the flat head screws were a pain, and had been in there so long they had rusted in. The crowbar made short work of them:

The shower tray was the final big bit to be removed, after jacking it up, it was quickly removed:

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It was definitely a two person lift! A quick trip into the loft to disconnect the lighting:

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And it was time to get started on that horrific artex – it took hours removing that. A wallpaper steamer did help ease it, it took about 4 hours to remove 1/2 of it!

Removing what was left of the carpet – and then a tidy up: