Happy birthday LEAF!


We have done 11,500 miles in it in a year. Our finance allows us to do 12,000 – so we were on the mark with our estimations!

Our level 2 (6.6kW) charger was supplied with an energy monitor, here is the readout:


That’s 1868.9kW. We pay £0.09 per kW (sometimes referred to as a unit) for our electricity. Some simple maths:

1868.9 x £0.09 = £168.20

That’s right, a year of travel in our EV has only cost £168.20. The car it was replacing cost more than that a month in fuel alone!

If we look even further, we can calculate the cost per mile:

£168.20 ÷ 11500 = £0.01463

So, what does this mean? It means that the EV has cost us about 1.5 pence per mile!


Any other costs?

  • Tax – free
  • servicing – £99 a year (required by contract, there are almost no moving parts to go wrong though!)
  • Insurance – same as any other car
  • Charging away from home – we only use free to charge sites, with lifetime subscriptions
  • MOT – exempt as the car isn’t over 3 years old (if you get an EV van – then it is ALWAYS MOT exempt)
  • Fluids – only washer fluid – no coolant, oil, or anything else that goes into an ICE (internal combustion engine)