So Chris has been on at me to write a post for several weeks now…here it is and it is about our sparkly new upstairs windows!

We decided to go with a reputable brand over all out cheapness as we wanted a company we could trust as well as one we knew would still be around when we need the downstairs windows and doors doing. This way we can be sure they will match and all will be covered by the same guarantee etc.

As we were both working we weren’t here for most of the installation however we did manage to get a few pictures…IMG_20151128_095659

In terms of preparation – tiles needed removing from around the bathroom window! I jumped at the chance to finally start destroying the horrid yellow tiles! You can see how happy I was!

Other than that, we only needed to remove a little of the wall paper around each window.

It was particularly interesting to see how the windows were deconstructed and the look of the building with no windows at all!

IMG-20151128-WA0007         IMG-20151128-WA0005




We did however have a few hiccups during the installation processes including one window measured over an inch too big (the old bathroom window on the right had to be put back in) and one smashing on inserting the glass.




After a few weeks wait, lots of phone calls and 3 days of asking relatives to sit at the house, we finally had all 5  windows correctly installed and all with the correct handles!

We think they look great and are just what we wanted! The reason to go triple glazing for us were mostly around keeping the house as efficient as possible but other features were a bonus such as an increased element of sound proofing. We haven’t noticed any differences yet in terms of reduced bills (downstairs is still very inefficient) but we have noticed a reduce in noise from the road. It is not as quiet as we thought it might be but then again….the windows downstairs are still very noisy!


Here are some pictures of the completed windows…excuse the ripped wallpaper…there was just no way around it!