After planning the bathroom relentlessly for months, taking our time to ensure that we have bought everything we will need, making sure it will all fit – it is finally time to begin working on the bathroom. We are going to be taking our time and (hopefully) avoiding mistakes.

Before we can do anything, we need to strip what we already have. Today, we started by taking down the existing tiles.

This is what we are starting with:

It’s very… original.

We could have used a hammer and chisel (or even a slight draught) to get rid of the tiles, but I got one of these for Christmas:

Perfect tool for the job – the drill, not me!

The SDS drill has a free rotating hammer mode. This means that the bit won’t spin, but will hammer – perfect for removing tiles.

We both had a turn, it was really good fun. Cleaning up afterwards was not so much fun however!

A short clip of us in action – it’s even more fun in slow motion!

We’ve left the fixtures and fittings in place for now so that we can still use them. Here are the after pictures. It’s very… different: