No Geocaches this time around. Just out for a quick walk the other day. Trying our best to do at least 10,000 steps per day.

One of the places we enjoy walking around is Savernake Forest. It’s a huge forest to explore, and only about a 20 minute drive. It’s quite a hilly route, so much so that the LEAF will consume about 35% of it’s battery on the way there, but only 8% on the return journey (we weren’t even worried the first time…)!

Not only is there a campsite, picnic area, toilets available – you can also drive on the various roads throughout the forest, making it easier to find your favourite spot.

A dinosaur footprint?
Steffie pretends to chop wood
Chris keeps a look out

We have also started to play ARK Survival Evolved, that may have bled through into our day to day lives somewhat.