Our local Nissan dealership has had a broken Rapid Charger for our entire ownership, recently they have had a replacement which works:

IMG_20160109_121856.jpgThis is great news as it allows us to charge quickly for free! Also, if we have an unplanned journey to make, we can swing in and get a quick charge before setting off.


On the other car, the bike rack is starting to show it’s age. Being at the back of the car, I can imagine that it takes a fair amount of abuse from salt, stones, and anything else the car can throw behind it. Some time was spend rubbing it down and giving it a new paint job:

IMG_20160116_115520You can see how rusted and tired it was looking, so a quick trip to a DIY store to buy some wire brush attachments for my cordless drill and some paint to get the job done:

IMG_20160116_115843Taking the tow ball and rack mount off were no trouble at all:

I have to lay the nuts and bolts out in order so I don’t forget where they went

The mounting plate was given a good brush before reassembly. The drill did a fantastic job of rubbing away all of the rust from the bracket, it was certainly a lot easier than doing it by hand:


I hung it up so I could prime it with some metal primer. It is supposed to help prevent rust, as is the final paint. We will see how well that does in the future. I will be happy if it lasts a couple of years – if not, it can get powder coated…


…although I should have realised that hanging it up against a fence panel was a bad idea, as it would rub the paint off! Above you can see it hanging from the garage door, where it won’t rub against anything. A small piece of the bracket was missed doing it this way, but that was easily touched up after the bracket had been mounted.


Some copper grease when reassembling to make sure that it is just as easy to remove next time.


And the final product. I tilted the 12N (black) and the 12S (grey) connections for towing upwards to make them easier to plug in and out.

I don’t think water will get trapped inside – I will check regularly to make sure that it isn’t happening. I don’t use covers for them, as they fall off and hold water inside. I spray the contacts regularly with a water repellent.

The side-by-side comparison. I think it looks a lot better – even if the latter picture was taken in the dark! Next time I might go for a satin finish rather than a gloss – although I’m sure it won’t stay shiny for long!