The garage has leaked since we moved in – it’s not been terribly well cared for. But until we can tear it down and start again, we will have to make do.

The water is mostly coming in from the overlap on the corrugated concrete sections, it’s not the weather to be replacing the entire roof at the moment, so we first tried some flashing tape. It didn’t work – even with some primer, it still wouldn’t stick (although it was from Wickes – perhaps that was the problem!)

We found some tar paint which seems to be doing the job so far, we keep checking for leaks and patching them as we go.

In the summer, we put up a lovely blue tarp to cover the gap between the roof and the wall (the wall is falling down in the middle, as you can see in the first image) – we suspect there are no footings for the wall. On the inside, we have simply boarded up the same gap to further protect the garage from the elements. All of this is temporary, we have a plan to fix the wall.


The new racking is right at home in the garage though. It is tidier than it looks, everything as least has a pile where it belongs!