In the summer, we had a new boiler installed – we are trying to put things into place that will make our home more efficient, and the sooner we do those things, the better!

Originally, we had an old floor standing in the kitchen, I had assumed that it was the original boiler from the 1960’s. As it turns out, the house first used solid fuel, then oil (the pipe is still under the patio) and has only used gas for 25-30 years.

Here is where the boiler used to be:IMG_20150804_103049It used to heat up the entire kitchen! Not to mention be obnoxiously loud, and need to have a huge hole in the opposite wall for air flow. With that gone, we have freed up a lot of space!

In the airing cupboard we had the hot water tank. By putting in a combi-boiler, we no longer have a need for that, so have freed up even more space: IMG_20150804_090543

Removing all of the old things did cause a bit of a mess…

IMG_20150804_142843A good idea would have been to have someone at the bottom – it was really difficult to get passed all of this!

With these two spaces, and a large portion of the loft freed up, the boiler was ready to be placed:

This now sits in our airing cupboard. In the short time that we’ve had it, we are much happier with it – we don’t run out of hot water, it is a lot quieter, and it’s much cheaper on our bills. Of course, this might also be helping in that regard:


The Nest thermostat is really amazing, without any adjustment, our house is always a comfortable temperature whenever we are home.