Soon we will be taking our LEAF on a new adventure. Camping.

We have caravanned for a long time, but only one of us has camped in a tent before. We thought taking the LEAF would be a great idea to really cut down on cost and have a cheap trip away.

Charging was priority number one. From our caravanning time, we are familiar with campsites and their infrastructure. They are fitted with a blue commando socket, the ‘brick’ charger pulls 10amps, so I found a commando socket to trailing 3 pink socket adaptor. Put the two parts together in a weatherproof container and gave it a test charge:


Works well. Hopefully it’ll work just as well on a campsite. When booking, we enquired about plugging the car into the hook ups – just to make sure that they were happy with us using them, and that the infrastructure was up to pulling a continuous load for up to 12 hours.

I’m used to sleeping on a small roll mat on the floor, this year we thought we would be a bit more comfortable:


Camp beds plus an airbed makes for a comfortable place to lay – hopefully nobody will fall off!