About a year ago, we posted about the wind and rain taking it’s toll on the awning and the field. This year, we have an entirely different set of weather related problems.

The recent wind meant that in the middle of the night we had to take a fence panel down, lest it be torn away and do damage:



Pictures through windows never work well. We did end up with some new garden furniture though!

IMG_20150111_155425Getting some of the tools together before beginning to take the panels off and see the damage. This is all being done on a super tight budget, so, it was all fixed with bits we had laying around (apart from the screws).

IMG_20150111_160433Supporting this was a nightmare! But got there in the end, we discovered that the wood was rotten, really rotten (it’s the original fence from the 1960’s, so, it’s done well!):

IMG_20150111_155934Time to get sawing!


These metal brackets weren’t very good – the wood was not strong enough.IMG_20150111_162003

I needed to beef it up, so I bought the most aggressive screws I could find:

The wind won’t be taking taking this down!



A nailgun really sped up putting the panels back onto the frame. I bought some fixings for the concrete post and drilled it through, reminder – never buy drillbits from Wickes. I have never used such a blunt bit before! The final product isn’t terribly pretty, but it will at least hold until the nicer weather and we can get a new fence sorted.