As it turns out, the fence wasn’t the only causality. The garage had also suffered a beating:

IMG_20150118_121934 IMG_20150118_121949I had actually propped it up in the second picture. And almost lost the entire thing. Eventually, this is going to be replaced, it’s rotten through and the middle section of the pre-fab garage is sinking – once the warmer weather is here though!

This is single handedly the best tool I have bought recently:


This little guy held on to the entire side of the garage.

After much propping and drilling, I had eventually straightened it up:


After some expanding foam, it was a lot more weather tight, and should hopefully last until the summer. Although apparently expanding foam has changed since I last used it, and now expands a lot more! Will need to cut off the excess:


Enjoying the newly weather tight(ish) garage, now we can finally put some things in it.