So, shortly after having my appendix out, it was time to move! People say that moving is stressful, I led on my new floor whilst people moved things around me. Moving house couldn’t be easier!


As you can imagine, after a few nice days which we used to put the awning away dry, the rain came! Hitching the caravan up in the rain is not fun. But finally we were hitched up and ready to go:

IMG_20141121_123835 IMG_20141121_123528 IMG_20141121_123518

Once we double checked everything, we were ready to hit the open road:

IMG_20141121_123856 IMG_20141121_124222

I never did get around to taking my towing test – hence the L plate on the back of the caravan.

I have towed smaller caravans and trailers, the twin axle, 1.6 ton was fairly well composed – the roads aren’t great even when solo.


Eventually, it arrived at it’s resting place, where it will remain until the season begins and it can be sold for hopefully a little more than it would typically get at this time of year.


Finally, we arrived at our new house, keys in hand!IMG_20141121_152737IMG_20141121_152751

















But look, our first piece of mail! No, nothing exciting. A bill!



Before we could get moving in, we had to clean the house from top to bottom. It was filthy. I didn’t know people would ever want to leave a house in that state. Time was pressing on, so there weren’t much photo opportunities – plus I had to pick up the van for moving which I had forgotten (I arrived at 10 minutes until closing!)

The carpet after and before:


Finally, we had moved all of things in. I had forgotten that we had so much stuff! It only took a day though. As I mentioned, I was too ill to do much else other than drive the van/play with the tail-lift.

Steph, being a student, still had to work:


The days rolled on, the boxes slowly emptied. The bins were collected. Our belongings lay on the floor as we have no furniture. A cooker was going spare! It needed a bit of a clean, but after wiring it in, it works great:


One new thing that we have though is the washer drier! We were so excited when this arrived!

IMG_20141210_084156 IMG-20141210-WA0000

As good as the twin tub washing machine from the caravan was, it is nothing compared to this. And yes, that wallpaper is original!

It hasn’t all been plain sailing. Virgin are incapable of installing our internet. Despite it being arranged in October, we are still waiting 3 months later. We do have some limited access however, we reinstated the RPi!

Before doing up the house cosmetically, we wanted to get it working first. So, a day was spent running some Ethernet cables to provide us with a nice, stable wired network. This was done in preparation for the Virgin router. That was a no go, so, our LAN gaming switch is in it’s stead. The double socket was a new addition. The wiring in our house is surprisingly OK.




The new network goes great with our new office chair:
IMG_20141224_111204We had a week long test drive of the Nissan Leaf, so headed to IKEA to grab one of these. Here is our electricity average usage before and after:

IMG_20141220_095308 IMG_20141220_095341



Christmas rolled on, as did New Year.