Ok, so, everyone knows that we have moved in to our new house!

Just to tie up some loose ends before posting about the new house.

People have asked us what we do for entertainment. Well, the same as you would do in a house. We had a Raspberry Pi based system, running the Raspbmc OS. It is basically a lightweight computer, which usually runs a version of Linux.

Into this, we plugged a 3G dongle, so that the RPi had internet connectivity (we had a better download speed in the caravan than we do in the house! More on that later!). We attached a WiFi dongle, so now the RPi would act as a wireless 3G router. So, in terms of accessing the internet, it was the same as many houses. We also hooked up a DVB-S2 adapter to receive Freesat HD from a satellite dish placed in the awning (it worked well through the material) as the DVB-T2 Freeview signal wasn’t strong enough where we were. Finally, we attached a 3TB external HDD – plenty of space for us to backup our files, record TV and watch pre-recorded shows.

The RPi was great, and although could be slow at times, it got the job done. It consumed very little power – very handy in a place where you have to turn the heating off in order to boil the kettle. The RPi and all the various attachments fitted neatly into the TV cupboard in the kitchen, and could be rotated to view it from either the bed or the living area.

When I wasn’t watching TV, or working (I was an NQT at the time, so I was usually either at work, or working at home), I could play on my computer. Not a laptop, my desktop computer. My overclocked, watercooled desktop computer.

IMG_20150107_202025~2It consumed a lot less power than I had imagined – we were able to run the heating, the water heater, the desktop computer and the RPi system all at once.