Where the awning is so big and heavy, it took a while to put up with the two of us – and no, the wind didn’t help!

As it turns out, being on a slope doesn’t help either. It doesn’t look like it, but the caravan sits at the top of our levelling ramps (that’s the side to side levelling). There is also a downward slope (front to back), put these together and the awning roof isn’t taught, which means this happens:

20141011_103917_Aldbourne Rd

This one isn’t too bad…

20141011_103933_Aldbourne Rd

This isn’t great, as the pole is starting to bend!

20141011_103938_Aldbourne Rd

We put an extra pole here at a diagonal to help to brace the material, with some adjustment it did work for a while.

As you can see, the poles were starting to bend! I went to the internet to buy some supplies to try and fix it – I didn’t want our new awning being ruined!