Been meaning to update for a while – a recent trip to the hospital meant that I was unable to for some time.

As there have been delays with the house (not third time lucky as it turns out), we decided that we would get another awning to see us through the winter. The previous awning wasn’t really up to the job (see previous post), so we decided to get a ‘proper’ awning, which is designed for seasonal stays. We found one we liked on a second hand website, and went to pick it up. Putting it up wasn’t too bad:


IMG_20140830_160613 20140830_160140_Aldbourne Rd_2

As you can see, it is a full size awning – which for our caravan is pretty big! It is slightly deeper than our caravan is, so it more than doubles our living space:

20140830_161637_Aldbourne Rd 20140830_161648_Aldbourne Rd

The lightweight poles appear to strong, time will tell how well they fair in the windy weather which we are expecting! They seem to have quite a lot of give in them.

With the new awning, we can enjoy sitting outside in a less windy environment, but mostly, it acts as a buffer between the caravan and the outside world – somewhere to take our shoes off and not trail mud and grass through our home!