Our caravan has probably had more use in this past year than most others would have in their lifetime! As study as it is, sometimes running repairs are needed.

These catches are definitely weak point:


But at least they are cheap enough to not worry about it (£1.50 for a pack of 2).

The catch to hold one of the roof lough blinds shut had broken, luckily, it was a simple job of taking the old one out, and pushing the new one into place (£30):


The flyscreen in the bathroom is a smaller size, with no blind covering it – but it is replaced in the same way (£15):


The roof lining isn’t a result of damp, it’s just poor craftsmanship on the manufacturers part – most caravans suffer from this (check inside of cupboards).

On our third 6kg bottle of gas now (£18 per fill) – not bad for almost a year!