The instructions for the porch awning state to not use it for more than 2 weeks at a time – the weather, UV degradation, general day-to-day usage all play their part to slowly wear the awning down.

Here is it it 9 months on:


That’s just the worst of it, it is ridden with smaller holes everywhere else! The fabric, whilst still waterproof, is very brittle (UV I suspect), touching it results in yet another hole!

It has survived well! It was never designed for this amount of usage, so we were both surprised it had made it this far.

It can be patched however! (Update in that another time)

If we were going to be replacing it, then a canvas material awning would be much more hard wearing for long term use:


You can also throw a storm strap over it, I am surprised that we haven’t needed to do this on our porch awning.

For quick breaks however, we would be looking at something like this:


It’s inflatable, simply peg and pump for 60 seconds and done!