Apparently we had forgotten that we had a blog!

Anyway, what have we been up to since the last post? A great many, many things. In a roughly chronological order:

The heater broke:
The caravan heater is a 2kw dual fuel heater with a blown air system. On gas, it is fine (and very quick to heat up!), on electricity, it works to a point. When the thermostat turns off, the heater won’t turn back on again. There are many parts that it could be, according to the wiring diagram there are several thermostats – it may work out cheaper to get someone to fix it. Luckily… it also got warmer! So a heater was largely not needed. We had an oil radiator which sat in the bedroom to keep the chill off during the night, this was more than sufficient.


The wind and the rain:
The worst storms that we have ever seen during our lifetimes continued to ravage the campsite – we had a break away to The Netherlands (Center Parcs was 1/3 the price it is here, including all travel!) and the weather continued to be relentless. After a while, you get used to the caravan rocking around. The rain however… this is a sound which we do not get used to! People often say that it must be nice to fall asleep whilst the rain is sprinkling on the roof – it’s not. It starts off nice, after a week it gets old – combine that with the storms, and it was horrific!

We resorted to using eyemasks and ear plugs to keep everything out! The caravan stood up to all of this weather admirably, with no damage. We are in an exposed location, the the first object that wind and rain come into contact after rolling up the valley is us! No strapping down has been required, and the awning (the instructions state that it shouldn’t stay up for more than two weeks) is still going strong months on!



Not everyone’s favourite subject, so feel free to skip it! Despite the weather, the toilet must be emptied, and you can guarantee it will be howling when it needs to be done. So, waterproofs, rigger boots and gloves on, and I’m set to go. Now, the entrance to the awning gets a big muddy from time to time due to being in constant use. I avoided falling over. I collected the cassette from the rear of the caravan and began making my way across the field to the disposal point, this is another well travelled part of the campsite. The long grass was covering a large puddle of mud it would appear… to cut a long story short, I ended up falling over, unable to discern what was mud… and what wasn’t. Luckily, it was washing day and I had just filled the water!


The internet solution is still working well, as is the satellite TV. We purchased a finder which was on deal at Maplin, which made it a 30 second job to find the satellite.

As it turns out, you can fit a desktop PC in a caravan! My laptop unfortunately broke, so needed to be replaced.

LED bulbs are being used whenever a conventional bulb needs to be replaced, this has resulted in a cleaner light which is kinder on the electricity usage.


We have also bought a house:

Back in January, we found a house which we fell in love with, due to some confusion (on the vendors part), someone else ended up buying it. Months of searching and saving continued. During the most recent half term, we received a phone call that this house was back on the market! We booked a viewing as soon as we could and had an offer accepted. That was over eight weeks ago! Hopefully it won’t be too much longer…

The thought has crossed our minds that we may need to sell Lexi! Whilst heartbreaking, Lexi is just too big for keeping for us as a tourer. So far, at least, living in a caravan full time is defiantly possible!