Keeping clean in the caravan is slightly more involved than being in a house.


Shower times are kept to a minimum, as the hot water runs out very quickly. After a while, you get used to the: rinse, soap up, rinse again routine. I can’t remember the last time either of us had a shower in excess of 5 minutes, or a bath for that matter!

We have only ran out of water mid-shower the once, so the forward thinking and routines have been working well.

But the biggest problem of all: I miss the Dyson!

Space doesn’t allow us to have a regular vacuum cleaner – we have to have a small, handheld one. It has extension poles so you can not be entirely on your knees – although it has so little suction that you might as well pick the pieces of dirt out with your fingers! In terms of space, there isn’t as much to keep clean, but it takes just as long! I do have some sympathy for the little hoover though – it has to deal with masses and masses of hair.