Buying a new canister of propane was one of the first things which was required when we embarked on our journey. Our caravan is equipped to take 2x 6kg bottles of gas. We keep 2 in there at any one time, when one is empty, we simply disconnect the empty bottle and connect the new cylinder (reverse thread always gets me!) – then we set about replacing the empty one – more about that later.

There are automatic changeover valves which remove the need to swap the gas hose manually. This ensures an uninterrupted supply of gas, until you empty both cylinders. Then you are stuck. We decided to stick with the manual cylinder swap, as we can track our gas usage more easily, plus, we always have a spare cylinder – just in case our heater breaks and it’s the middle of winter (this has happened!).


Propane is the gas of choice for us (the other being Butane). The red coloured propane cylinders were the gas of choice, as it has a lower freezing temperature and is therefore more suited to all round usage. Butane on the other hand usually comes in a blue cylinder and will not as effectively in the colder weather.

In terms of cost, gas is gas. The cheapest place within a reasonable distance was GoOutdoors at £18 per 6kg bottle.


As we are permanently on a 10 amp hookup, this provides the heating and the hot water. The only thing we usually use the gas for is cooking. There have been several occasions where the electric heater has stopped working, so the gas was used. Sometimes the water heater operated off of both gas and electric (it can almost heat the water as quickly as it can be used) for those times when large amounts of hot water were required.

It has taken us approximately 10 weeks to use a 6kg cylinder of propane. That calculates to just over £7 a month for gas! Much more friendly for our bank accounts!