After a long time driving, we got straight to work cleaning it at a temporary location.

Despite the poor weather report, the weather was great!

First, a rinse:


Next, we got scrubbing!


Lost the locking filler cap for the water in between Reading and Swindon!


After a hard time scrubbing with the extendable brush, we put some of the Tarmalade to deal with the black streaks:


Not looking too bad:


Cleaning job was complete! I was too busy taking photos, so Steph was left to do most of the hard work!

Next up was moving it to it’s new location, where we will be living in it for a little while. I’ve not done my B+E test yet, so my Dad gave the caravan a tow.
90 degree corners with a high bank opposite a gate, as it turns out are not twin axle friendly! The manoeuvre involved pulling into a farm, reversing out into the road. We could then line ourselves up, diagonal to the gate and pull in!
Never having reversed a twin before, we jumped straight into it! I had no idea how much the rear axle would scrape and drag itself along in reverse.

Upon arriving though, the view of the caravan was amazing:


The view from the rear of the caravan, however, made all the work worthwhile!