Thursday night, I (Chris) went to view a caravan. It was 125 miles away, a 250 mile round trip after work made for a late night!

The caravan was a Lunar Lexon EW.

4 berth
TWIN axle
Mass in Running Order (Kg) – 1250
Maximum Technical Permissible Laden Mass (Kg) – 1560
Internal Length (metres) – 6.44
Shipping Length (metres) – 8.06
Width (metres) – 2.28
Awning Size (cm) – 1070
Layout – FB EW

All of that means that my Kia could easily easily pull it, and it would be one of the largest caravans which we could live in.

It has a seating area at the front, a kitchen L shape in the middle, a fixed bed behind that (with a new mattress) and a full width, end bathroom. It is the perfect layout! It also has an on board water tank under the bed, which will make a nice backup should anything happen in the winter.

This video does a much better job of describing it (not made by me, but the van is the same):

It’s in great condition, and we pick it up on Saturday! Got it for a fair price, and it comes with everything we need to get started.

Here’s to next Saturday!