After finding the ideal caravan layout in the form of an Abbey Spectrum 540, we went away  to have a think – by the time we had decided it was the one for us, it had gone!

It proved to us that once you have found a suitable match just how quickly you have to move!

The layout is perfect (almost!). It has the full width bathroom, with loads of storage and hanging space. A shower cubicle larger than out current property has. The fixed bed has masses of storage underneath, and plenty of cupboards around – it’s very comfortable too! It has one of the biggest cupboards we have seen, easily enough for our smart clothes. The kitchen design is well thought out. Despite the amount of furnishings in the caravan, it still feels light and airy – the only negative is the bench seats, we would much prefer an L shape, as it feels more spacious and homely, however, the ‘coffee table’ can be taken away and replaced with a cushion to create a U shaped lounge.

This is the same model which we were (and still are) looking for.

Fingers crossed another one will come along soon!